Carlos Pascual, former Special Envoy & Coordinator for International Energy Affairs at U.S. State Department - Geopolitics & U.S. Energy Policy (11/28/16)

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The geopolitics of energy is playing a growing role in American foreign policy. As the United States ushers in a new president who has signaled a sharp shift in approach to energy and the environment, the new Administration must examine how these changes will impact relations with the rest of the world. Host Jason Bordoff speaks with Carlos Pascual, a non-resident Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy and Senior Vice President at IHS, about the role of geopolitics and foreign policy priorities for the new Administration. Prior to his current position, Carlos served as U.S. Ambassador in Mexico and Ukraine, as the State Department's Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs where he established and directed the Energy Resources Bureau and as senior advisor to the Secretary of State on global energy diplomacy. They discuss: Energy and foreign policy priorities and challenges for the new president including Russia, the Middle East and Asia; the link between energy, international security and international development; how the reduction of hydrocarbon demand as a result of climate change initiatives will influence geopolitics.