Energy Journalism Initiative - How to Apply

The Energy Journalism Initiative is a program at the Center on Global Energy Policy within Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.  It’s mission is to promote quality journalism in energy. The program’s initial phase is supported with generous support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and CGEP Advisory Board Member Reid Hoffman.

Application & Selection Process

How do I apply?

Download the application here [PDF]. 

All submissions should be sent to

When applying, the header should read – LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME, EJI Application

When is the deadline?

The deadline is March 31, 2017, by 11:59 PM EST.

What are the eligibility criteria for applicants?

The selection committee seeks to admit reporters who are relatively new to the energy beat. Priority will be given to reporters who have 5 years or less of direct reporting experience covering energy and the environment, although anyone with 10 years or less of direct reporting experience is eligible to apply. The Initiative has identified print reporters (defined in the broader sense to include major and local newspapers, wire services, trade outlets, and internet/new media outlets) as the primary candidate pool.

I’m currently in school. Can I still apply?

No, this program is specifically designed for currently working journalists.

I live abroad. Can I apply?

Yes, but all visa arrangements and costs must be borne by you.

I’m a journalist who doesn’t cover energy or the environment. Can I apply?

If you are a journalist who does not currently cover energy or the environment but will begin to do so in your professional capacity in the near future, you are eligible to apply. You must, however, show that you will be covering energy and environmental topics prior to or upon completion of the program, attesting to this fact in the recommendation letter from your supervisor.  

What is the admissions process?

A Review Committee will look at the applications of all candidates and, from those who meet all the requirements, make its selections.

Is this a certificate or degree program from Columbia?

No, this is not a certificate or degree program.

Will I be considered a Columbia student?

No, you will not be considered a Columbia student.

Do I need letters of recommendation?

Yes. You must submit one letter of recommendation from your direct supervisor or manager.

How will I be notified?

You will receive a confirmation email once your application has been received.

Admission decisions will be made at the end of April.