Global Energy Dialogue: Russian Oil and Gas

Center on Global Energy Policy
Natural Gas

A Global Energy Dialogue memorandum summarizes a high-level workshop on June 5, 2017 exploring the economic, social, market, and geopolitical factors influencing Russia’s present and future in regard to oil and gas.

Apocalypse Now: Venezuela, Oil and Reconstruction - Global Energy Dialogue

Antoine Halff
Luisa Palacios
Dr. Francisco Monaldi

In an effort to better understand the situation in Venezuela and implications on its energy sector and economy, the Center on Global Energy Policy hosted a Global Energy Dialogue in June 2017, under the Chatham House Rule. CGEP scholar Antoine Halff, CGEP fellows Francisco Monaldi and Luisa Palacios, and Miguel Angel Santos, a fellow at Harvard University's Center for International Development, capture some of the discussion's main takeaways in this memorandum.

Mexico fuel supply security key as imports grow: Lajous

Argus Media covers Fellow Adrian Lajous' keynote remarks at the Argus Exports conference in Houston, Texas.


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