The Center on Global Energy Policy's Women in Energy program hosted a public panel focused on the future of the renewable energy jobs market. This panel explored different sectors of the market and addressed its current state, where the opportunities are focused, and where there is most need for innovation. We had experts with backgrounds in the private, public, and international arenas joining us to share their experience entering these fields, providing insights and advice on how the industry is evolving as well as the current state of women in the renewable energy field. 

The panel included the following experts:

  • Elle Carberry, Advisory Council Member, Greentech Capital Advisors
  • Kristen Graf, Executive Director, Women of Wind Energy
  • Yera Ortiz de Urbina, Senior Liaison Officer, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
  • Kristine Pizzo, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Shared Services, New York Power Authority 
  • Nilda Mesa, Director, Urban Sustainability and Equity Planning Program for the Urban Design Lab at The Earth Institute and former Director of New York City Mayor’s Office of Sustainability

Download Yera Ortiz de Urbina's presentation here

Download Elle Carberry's presentation here