On The Record

The Center produces a robust set of outputs including reports, commentaries, op-eds, congressional testimony and more. Below is a list of works, authored by Center staff and Fellows, ordered by most recent publication date.


Richard Nephew

Writing in Fortune Magazine, Senior Scholar Richard Nephew outlines why new U.S. sanctions against Russia might not actually do anything.


Dr. Tim Boersma

CGEP Senior Scholar Tim Boersma and Corey Johnson, Associate Professor and Department Head of Geography at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, write on the view of U.S. energy sanctions against Russia from Europe.

Center on Global Energy Policy

A Global Energy Dialogue memorandum summarizes a high-level workshop on June 5, 2017 exploring the economic, social, market, and geopolitical factors influencing Russia’s present and future in regard to oil and gas.

Antoine Halff, Luisa Palacios, Dr. Francisco Monaldi

In an effort to better understand the situation in Venezuela and implications on its energy sector and economy, the Center on Global Energy Policy hosted a Global Energy Dialogue in June 2017, under the Chatham House Rule. CGEP scholar Antoine Halff, CGEP fellows Francisco Monaldi and Luisa Palacios, and Miguel Angel Santos, a fellow at Harvard University's Center for International Development, capture some of the discussion's main takeaways in this memorandum.

Richard Nephew

Senior Scholar Richard Nephew writes that despite the announcement on July 17th that the Trump Administration is going to keep the United States in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran, the deal is on life support.