On The Record

The Center produces a robust set of outputs including reports, commentaries, op-eds, congressional testimony and more. Below is a list of works, authored by Center staff and Fellows, ordered by most recent publication date.

Dr. Amir Azar

Amir Azar assesses the general outlook for U.S. shale oil and gas in a higher-interest-rate environment by examining North American exploration and production (E&P) companies from a compiled financial perspective, with a focus on the impact of the collapse of oil prices to below $50 per barrel.


Richard Nephew

Senior research scholar Richard Nephew writes in Fortune on how President Trump should respond to ExxonMobil's sanctions waiver application.


Dr. Tim Boersma

Senior research scholar Tim Boersma writes about the importnace of energy agreement in de Volkstrant.

Jason Bordoff

Trevor Houser, Jason Bordoff and Peter Marsters offer an empirical diagnosis of the causes of the U.S. coal industry collapse over the last six years, assess the global coal market outlook, and examine the prospects for a recovery in coal production by modeling the impact of President Trump’s executive order to review or rescind Obama-era environment regulations.

Tommy Beaudreau, Jason Bordoff

Tommy Beaudreau and Jason Bordoff explore what's next for offshore oil and gas leasing under the Trump Administration