On The Record

The Center produces a robust set of outputs including reports, commentaries, op-eds, congressional testimony and more. Below is a list of works, authored by Center staff and Fellows, ordered by most recent publication date.

<p>Energy companies around the world are reassessing their business models in response to fundamental changes in markets, including new technologies, concerns over the environment and new customer expectations. For many companies, this means significant adjustments in their priorities and investments.<br /> <br /> Host Bill Loveless (@bill_loveless) speaks with Iain Conn, CEO of Centrica, a multinational company that supplies energy and services to 28 million customers primarily in the United Kingdom, Ireland and North America.

<p>Host Jason Bordoff (@JasonBordoff) speaks with Ali Moshiri, the former president of Chevron's Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production division, about the crisis in Venezuela and the effects on the global energy sector, and then the outlook for other oil and gas producing nations in the region including: Challenges for international oil companies in Brazil; The outlook for shale development in Argentina; Colombian shale development and disruption from environmental groups.</p> <p>Follow and engage with the Center on Global Energy Policy online: @Columbia

<p class="p1">As the energy landscape continues to transform--from the rapid growth rates of low-carbon fuels to questions about the future of oil demand to a more integrated global gas market--it is important to understand the trends and developments driving this change. The Center on Global Energy Policy hosted a presentation on BP's Statistical Review of World Energy 2017 with Spencer Dale, Group Chief Economist. After the presentation, CGEP Director Jason Bordoff moderated a conversation where Mr. Dale was joined by Antoine Halff, Sr.

<p>Eirik Wærness, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at Statoil, presented Statoil’s Energy Perspectives 2017 Edition at CGEP. Following his presentation, Director Jason Bordoff led a discussion with Eirik and Geoff Heal, Donald C. Waite III Professor of Social Enterprise at Columbia University's School of Business.

<p>Host Bill Loveless (@bill_loveless) interviews former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson about the future of American energy policy and key issues facing the energy sector today, including topics such as: The challenges and opportunities faced by U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry; How President Trump's budget proposal and a potential infrastructure bill will affect the Department of Energy; How U.S.