Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The Center on Global Energy Policy’s Postdoctoral Fellowship program supports interdisciplinary research and understanding about key global energy issues through partnerships across the Columbia University community. CGEP awards fellowship positions to innovative postdoctoral scholars focusing on one of its core disciplines including: renewable energy, oil and natural gas, geopolitics, energy markets and finance, climate change and the environment, technology and innovation.

The Center on Global Energy Policy is pleased to announce, in partnership with Professor Vijay Modi at Columbia’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, that Dr. Michael Waite will join as the first CGEP Postdoctoral Fellow starting in July 2017. Dr. Waite’s research will focus on technological, policy and market needs for large-scale renewable energy growth in India, as well as the development of integrated approaches to transition to a low-carbon energy regime within the U.S. context. His research methods include identifying technologies, analyzing systems from local to regional scales, and developing computational models to optimize large-scale renewable energy utilization.

Dr. Waite holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University. His dissertation research incorporated analyses of regional energy infrastructure serving a dense urban area with emphasis on opportunities and challenges for wind power, building systems and distributed generation. Prior to his doctoral work, he was a building technology design and consulting engineer, during which time he was a member of the international committee responsible for the most widely used building energy standard; he is a licensed Professional Engineer.

CGEP looks forward to the expansion of the Postdoctoral Fellowship program which will provide additional scholarship opportunities to the next generation of energy leaders through a competitive application process.