The Center’s research agenda emphasizes an economic and geostrategic approach to key energy policy areas. Current research programs encompass a wide variety of specific studies and topics, focused both on U.S. policy and specific regions around the world. Below is a list of research reports and working papers authored by Center staff and Fellows, ordered by most recent publication date.


Energy matters profoundly to U.S. national security and foreign policy. It matters because the availability of reliable, affordable energy is essential to our economic strength at home, which is the foundation for our leadership in the world.


Mayor Bloomberg discusses why a comprehensive energy policy is critical to ensuring a sustainable future a the launch of Columbia University's Center on Global Energy Policy.


Jason Bordoff Impact of Escalating Tensions with Russia on EU and US Sanctions over Ukraine Predicting when new Iranian oil will begin to flow


Jason Bordoff

Despite what you hear, the Western Hemisphere is not about to become the new Middle East. While the U.S. and Canada are poised to dramatically boost fossil fuel production, countries south of their borders are likely to remain mired in regulatory restrictions and policy unpredictability.