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The Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) seeks a Senior Research Scholar for a major research initiative on carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS). The position will report to the Center's Founding Director. Successful execution will require generating original research, managing external research projects and communicating research findings clearly and concisely to a range of audiences in a manner that maximizes policy impact, as well as contributing to the University's wider research and convening efforts. 

Rapid change in technology, policy, and environmental understanding has created new opportunities to directly counter global warming through investment and economic activity around the management, conversion, use, and valuation of CO2. These new opportunities (markets to store CO2; technologies to convert CO2 into valuable products; policy options for states and nations; new investment vehicles for public and private capital) create a demand both for new knowledge and scholarship and for innovation in technology, finance, and business model. 

The position will necessarily leverage linkages between other areas of ongoing work in natural gas, oil markets, energy markets, technology, innovation and data science at the Center, SIPA, and Columbia University more broadly. 

Main Responsibilities 

Research and Analysis: 

  • Identify and execute on priority areas of work and appropriate research methodologies for qualitative and quantitative analysis on both a global and regional scale. The methodologies and disciplines will likely span everything from case studies to detailed policy analysis. Examples of relevant research areas may include, among others: 
    • Technology and innovation policy relating to CO2 removal from the air and ocean, with a focus on engineered pathways and approaches. 
    • The role of federal RD&D policy relating to CCUS. 
    • Economic models for financing both pre-competitive and late-stage technology related to CCUS. 
    • The role of CCUS in domestic and global climate policy. 
  • Regularly publish outputs that provide analysis on issues such as illustrated above. These will take the form of research reports, issue briefs, op-eds, and other outputs. 

Management, Coordination and Leadership: 

  • Produce a strategic vision of the program and scope of research questions to explore, including identifying emerging opportunities and challenges, and develop ways in which the Center can generate unique insights to improve public understanding and debate. 
  • Identify the institutions and individuals currently doing leading work in this area and establish and maintain close working relationships with them to explore and develop research partnerships and joint products. 
  • Responsible for supervising and directly engaging with the work of external partners to ensure the timely delivery of relevant, rigorous and objective research and analysis. 
  • Assist in securing funding from a variety of sources to support the program's operation. 
  • Leverage the resources available across Columbia University to ensure the program is cross-disciplinary and engages faculty and students from all relevant disciplines. 

Convene and Communicate: 

  • Clearly communicate research findings into actionable, policy-relevant mediums for multiple audiences [e.g. policymakers, private and public sector leaders, general public and the relevant research community]. Must possess the ability to convey complex data and information in a succinct and easy to digest manner for immediate impact. 
  • Manage and execute senior-level roundtables to incorporate expert review from a broad range of perspectives into the research process 
  • Manage and execute public discussions to improve the general understanding of complex issues  

Minimum Requirements:

  • Master's Degree in energy economics, engineering, mathematics or a related field. 
  • 10+ years of senior-level experience in energy policy and/or technology policy. 
  • Experience in policy analysis, development or advisory services and management of policy research. 
  • Relevant experience integrating the work of multiple organizations, departments, or agencies. 
  • A proven record of conducting relations at senior levels and the ability to achieve consensus and interact effectively with multiple high-level stakeholders.
  • Strong communication skills; the ability to build support across partners for better policies, on the basis of evidence-based analysis.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • PhD in energy economics, engineering, mathematics or a related field. 
  • 15+ years of senior-level experience in energy policy and/or technology policy.



Columbia University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer; applications from women and underrepresented minorities are strongly encouraged. For further information, please contact Jesse McCormick, Director of Strategy and Operations, Center on Global Energy Policy, at