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Shayle Kann and MJ Shiao

In this new commenary, CGEP Nonresident Fellow Shayle Kann and his co-author MJ Shiao argue that there are two main reasons solar companies will think twice before investing into new US solar panel manufacturing industry -- the economic benefits from new tariffs may never materilaize and if they do they will be short lived. 

In a new commentary from the Center on Global Energy Policy, Nonresident Fellow Dr. Varun Sivaram surveys four areas affected by Trump’s solar tariffs—domestic manufacturing, innovation in solar technology, domestic deployment of solar power, and trade retaliation and disputes—concluding that the tariffs will not generate material benefits in any of them.  

Senior Research Scholar Richard Nephew outlines four potential paths forward for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and their implications for energy markets.


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Richard Nephew & Gary Sick
SIPA faculty

President Trump has taken new steps to fulfill his campaign promise to either end the Iran nuclear agreement or get a better deal. After much speculation over whether he would extend the deal at all, the President issued an ultimatum to Congress...

Richard Nephew
Senior Research Scholar, Center on Global Energy Policy

Bill Loveless talks with Richard Nephew, a Senior Research Scholar at CGEP and the lead sanctions expert for the U.S. team negotiating the Iran nuclear deal, on a new episode of Columbia Energy Exchange. Richard is the author of a new book from...

Ambassador James Jeffrey
Distinguished Fellow, Washington Institute for Near East Policy
From a crisis among the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, to concerns over the security of oil supplies, economic stability, and OPEC policy, to calls by President Trump to end the Iran nuclear deal, what do recent developments in the world's...