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Jason Bordoff and John Larsen

In the first paper of the Carbon Tax Research Iniatitive series, Jason Bordoff and John Larsen outline important design considerations of a carbon tax in the United States.

Writing in Nature Energy, Jason Bordoff argues that the Trump administration’s domestic plans would have curtailed the nation’s climate action even if it had stayed in the Paris Agreement. Yet, the decision to leave the agreement undermines US international energy and climate leadership and the prospects of ramping up global climate policy ambition.

Director Jason Bordoff writes in Thomson Reuters that if President-elect Trump wants to keep his promise to achieve "energy independence," he must continue on the Obama Administration's path of raising fuel economy standards to cut oil use.


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Mauricio Gutierrez
CEO, NRG Energy

The year 2018 promises to be an important one for electric power markets in the United States, including for energy policies that govern the way electricity is generated, delivered and used. Among the important developments will be the Federal...

Anne Pramaggiore
President and CEO, ComEd

Host Jason Bordoff sits down with Anne Pramaggiore, the president and CEO of ComEd, an electric utility serving customers in Chicago and northern Illinois. Anne joined ComEd in 1998 and, in addition to her current role, has served as the company'...

Ernest Moniz
Former U.S. Energy Secretary

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is facing funding cuts under President Trump's budget proposal. Bill Loveless interviews former U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz about the importance of clean energy innovation and what it will take to transition to a de-carbonized world.