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Jason Bordoff, Akos Losz and Joshua Linn

Jason Bordoff, Joshua Linn, and Akos Losz explores the impact of the EPA's decision to roll back US fuel economy standards. 

Fellow James Stock writes on reforming the RFS in The Hill.

Dr. Tim Boersma and Dr. Corey Johnson

Tim Boersma, Senior Research Scholar at CGEP, and Corey Johnson, associate professor and department head of geography at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, examine the history of U.S. energy diplomacy, how this foreign policy tool has been altered by the U.S. oil and gas boom, and its limitations. 


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Kateri Callahan

Energy efficiency is one important component in the larger playbook to reduce carbon emissions and ward off the damaging effects of climate change. It is also an essential element of a reliable and affordable energy system.

On a new ...

Glenn Hubbard
Dean, Columbia Business School

To address the threat of climate change and reduce carbon emissions, many business leaders, economists, and policymakers--including prominent Republicans--have pushed for a carbon tax in the United States. 

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George David Banks
Former Special Assistant to the President for international energy and environment

U.S. climate and energy policy has shifted course under the Trump Administration. From the decision to leave the Paris Agreement, to promises to prop up the coal industry, to a push for "energy dominance" and now a new "energy realism," much has...