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In a new commentary, non-resident Fellow Robin Mills examines the potential implications of Bahrain's recent discovery of 80 billion barrels of shale oil. The find marks the arrival of shale oil in the Middle East, and commercial offshore shale oil production would be a first for the worldwide industry.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Jason Bordoff explains how the coming wave of disruptive innovation in the energy sector is likely to be driven by digital tools bringing together artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, supercomputing and automation.

Jason Bordoff, Akos Losz and Joshua Linn

Jason Bordoff, Joshua Linn, and Akos Losz explores the impact of the EPA's decision to roll back US fuel economy standards. 


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Scott Sheffield
Chairman and former CEO, Pioneer Natural Resources

U.S. oil production from shale will reach nearly 7 million barrels a day in May – roughly the same amount as the entire U.S. production of oil five years ago. Nearly half of this shale output will come from the Permian Basin, the stretch of shale...

Tom Werner
Chairman and CEO, SunPower

Last week, in a move that took some by surprise, a leading designer and maker of solar products, SunPower, announced plans to buy SolarWorld Americas and its factory in Oregon, and build a domestic manufacturing presence. This move came after the...

David Turk
Acting Director, Directorate of Sustainability, Technology and Outlooks, Head of the Energy Environment Division, International Energy Agency

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics are just a few of the digital trends that are poised to disrupt the energy system in the coming decades. These developments have the potential to improve productivity, safety and...