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Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Director Jason Bordoff discusses the uncertainty of nuclear's future in the United States. 

Writing in the Petroleum Economist's Outlook 2018, Director Jason Bordoff examines the impact of the Trump administration’s ambitious deregulatory agenda to unleash American “energy dominance” on US energy supply, greenhouse gas emissions, and the global energy market.

Writing in the Financial Times, Senior Scholar Richard Nephew explains why the Iran nuclear deal is in the US’s national security interest.


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Spencer Abraham
Former U.S. Secretary of Energy

Host Bill Loveless speaks with Spencer Abraham, former U.S. Secretary of Energy under President George W. Bush, about changes in the energy sector over the last 10 years and their implications for the outlook of energy policy under President...

Anne Pramaggiore
President and CEO, ComEd

Host Jason Bordoff sits down with Anne Pramaggiore, the president and CEO of ComEd, an electric utility serving customers in Chicago and northern Illinois. Anne joined ComEd in 1998 and, in addition to her current role, has served as the company'...

Marcus Sachs
Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer, North American Electric Reliability Corporation

What do growing cyber threats mean to the security of U.S. energy infrastructure, how well prepared are private and public entities for such attacks, and what is the role of public policy to prevent them? Bill Loveless speaks with Marcus Sachs, Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer for the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.