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CGEP Scholar Marianne Kah surveyed 15 forecasters (which represent governments, think-tanks, consultants, investment banks, and oil companies) to shine some light on the differences in EV projections. 

This Guide examines Chinese climate change policies. It starts with a review of Chinese greenhouse gas emissions. It then explores the impacts of climate change in China and explains the policy tools the Chinese government uses to address climate change and related topics.

Writing in The Hill, CGEP non-resident Fellow Ali Zaidi argues that the United States remains well-positioned to lead on clean energy but to do so we need to keep increasing investment — and keep increasing impact.


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Andy Karsner

Jason Bordoff recently sat down with Andy Karsner, a Managing Partner at Emerson Collective.

Dr. Ernest Moniz, fomer U.S. Secretary of Energy

From climate policy to geopolitical tensions and sanctions to technological innovation, the energy world is facing enormous change, complexity and uncertainty. To discuss some of today’s most timely issues across the energy landscape, Jason...

Maarten Wetselaar, the Integrated Gas & New Energies Director and Member of the Executive Committee at Royal Dutch Shell

The global natural gas market is undergoing dramatic changes, with additional LNG supplies set to hit the market in coming years, price competition between natural gas and renewables becoming fiercer, supply security concerns across Europe, and...