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Writing in the New York Times, CGEP Director Jason Bordoff argues that the damage done by the Trump administration’s reversal of Mr. Obama’s climate policies is less a sharp rise in carbon emissions than it is the loss of American leadership and missed opportunity to save future generations from climate change’s severe impacts.

CGEP Scholar Marianne Kah surveyed 15 forecasters (which represent governments, think-tanks, consultants, investment banks, and oil companies) to shine some light on the differences in EV projections. 

This Guide examines Chinese climate change policies. It starts with a review of Chinese greenhouse gas emissions. It then explores the impacts of climate change in China and explains the policy tools the Chinese government uses to address climate change and related topics.


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Eldar Sætre
President and CEO of Equinor

Host Jason Bordoff talks with Eldar Sætre, President and CEO of Equinor.

Carter Roberts
President and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund

Host Bill Loveless talks to Carter Roberts, the president and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in the United States.

As the energy world becomes more integrated, more dynamic and more complex, the need to try and better understand the outlook for the industry only grows. One publication that helps us to do this is the Bloomberg New Energy Outlook Report, an...