The Center on Global Energy Policy hosted a student-only roundtable with author Vahan Zanoyan on Storytelling and the Geopolitics of Petroleum, based on his novel on his latest book The Sacred Sands. Mr. Zanoyan used his decades of experience in the energy sector as an adviser to oil companies, governments, investors and traders to write a gripping novel that takes the reader inside the Middle Eastern oil industry and regional geopolitics. Following his presentation in which he will explained the evolution of oil industry and, in particular, geopolitics of Middle East oil, we moved to a moderated discussion. 
Vahan Zanoyan is a writer, traveler, retired executive, and anti-trafficking advocate. He has published two volumes of poetry in Armenian, (2010 and 2011); and three novels in English, A Place Far Away (2013) and The Doves of Ohanavank (2014), both of which were inspired by a chance meeting with a very young victim of sex trafficking, and The Sacred Sands (2016). 

Prior to retiring, Zanoyan served as global energy consultant to numerous international and national oil companies, banks, and other private and public organizations throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and Latin America. He also served as a senior economic and oil policy advisor to many oil producing governments. He was President and CEO of PFC Energy for ten years, based in Washington, DC; the Chairman and Chief Executive of PFC Energy International, in Lausanne, Switzerland; and the founding Chief Executive Officer of First Energy Bank, based in Bahrain. He has also founded and ran several consulting services at Wharton Econometric Consulting Associates.

Zanoyan was educated at The American University in Beirut and at the University of Pennsylvania. He loves to travel, read, write, drink good wine, and supports several humanitarian causes, primarily aimed at stopping human trafficking and supporting victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence.