Career Strategy - Why Just Doing the Work Won’t Work for Professional Women

You’ve worked so hard. You have an advanced degree from an exceptional school.  You’ve continued to work hard at your job. Is that enough to get you the career you want? It should. But you need to support your hard work with a little strategic thinking. Knowing who you are as a leader, combined with proven career strategy techniques, can be the ticket. Claire Steichen has spent 10 years coaching hundreds of high-achieving women, and two decades working in sales and marketing at the world’s largest beauty multi-nationals. Claire has developed the I to the 4th Power* approach. By knowing what you bring to the table and how organizations work, you can strategize what you want and how to get there. The Center on Global Energy Policy's Women in Energy program hosted a workshop where particiapnts:

•    Got clear on their target and why they want it. 
•    Stopped comparing themselves to others and create their own roadmap
•    Learned the self-care techniques that will keep them confident in their plan and on track

*I to the 4th Power gains effectiveness from the sequencing of its elements:  Impact, Influence, Initiative and Innovation.  Beginning with yourself and working outward, you gain deep self-awareness.  You learn to self-manage and communicate effectively.  You are more confident in taking initiative and more resilient to the feedback that will make you grow as a leader.  You are able to work autonomously to feel ultimate motivation.