Transform Your Negotiating skills with the I to the 4th Power Approach

Job search when you are a student can be daunting. How can you negotiate when it feels like you don’t know what’s behind door number 1, 2 or 3? How we do it can affect your first job out of school and career trajectory from there. With 10 years coaching hundreds of high-achieving women, and two decades working in sales and marketing at the world’s largest beauty multi-nationals, Claire Steichen takes a unique approach to negotiation. Claire has developed the I to the 4th Power* approach. By knowing what you bring to the table and how to influence your audience, you come to situation after situation with confidence and poise. The Women in Energy program hosted a negotiations workshop where students:

•    Got clear on their “superpower,” what it can do for an organization, and how to leverage it
•    Developed messages that will resonate with their audience
•    Learned the rules of influence and how to use them

*I to the 4th Power gains effectiveness from the sequencing of its elements: Impact, Influence, Initiative and Innovation. Beginning with yourself and working outward, you gain deep self-awareness. You learn to self-manage and communicate effectively. You are more confident in taking initiative and more resilient to the feedback that will make you grow as a leader.  You are able to work autonomously to feel ultimate motivation.