For many the beginning of the school year means meeting with potential employers and applying for jobs. The Center on Global Energy Policy's Women in Energy program hosted a workshop to improve your networking skills. This workshop provided participants with the tools that give them the confidence to approach someone and begin a professional relationship. It was facilitated by Claire Steichen, Professional Certified Coach.

Put Your Networking on Automatic using the Free Agent Clarity Approach

Claire uses her  Free Agent Clarity approach -- you are in charge and you have a step by step process.  Join us for this workshop so you can stop putting it off, and start following an easy and predictable path to meeting the people who will get you the leads you are looking for. With a background in sales and marketing, years of helping others sell themselves, and experience training corporate communication at Columbia’s SIPA, Claire knows that to tackle big, daunting tasks you must break them down into simple and manageable parts. In this workshop you will learn her approach, and leave knowing how to connect with others in a conversation that resonates and sells you.

  • Get clear on what you want and how you can contribute to the organizations you’d like to work at 
  • Develop an Impact Statement that lets you share your message in an easy, conversational way
  • Start with friends, family and colleagues you feel comfortable with, and let yourself build from there