The Center on Global Energy Policy's Women in Energy program and NYU's Center for Global Affairs organized a tour the Arthur Kill Natural Gas Plant at Staten Island. This event was hosted and led by NRG Energy. 

Arthur Kill Gas Plant Tour Details
The NRG facility runs on three units. The first, AK2 is a gas-fueled steamboiler (348MW) and was built in 1959. It was originally designed for coal, oil, and gas, but now only performs gas, front-fire boiler and simple steam. The CT-1, built in 1969, is gas only, but oil capable with a simple cycle gas turbine. The AK3, also built in 1969, was originally coal only but was modified for oil in 1972. In 1991, it was modified again to be a gas-only, tangentially-fired boiler, simple steam unit.

The plant has been actively involved in sustainability efforts since its founding. It has participated in several replanting initiatives and, in 2012, developed a sunflower planting as well as a water conservation project to help replenish surrounding areas. Arthur Kill manages water conversation and a bio-diversity project. The latter project helps replenish the local population of osprey, or sea hawk, by building nests. The facility has also partners with the Harbor School, supporting the Billion Oyster Project, which endeavors to help rebuild the protective reef in New York Harbor.