Kevin Tu is a Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy. Prior to September 2018, he was China program manager at the Paris-based International Energy Agency, where he led the Agency's efforts to engage China in international energy governance and supervised the IEA China Liaison Office in Beijing. Before joining the IEA, Tu was director of China Energy & Climate Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington DC.

Previous to that, he served as partner at M.K. Jaccard and Associates, a premier energy and environmental consulting firm in Vancouver. Before moving from China to Canada, Tu was the director of marine operations at Shenzhen Sino-Benny, China’s largest LPG importer and distributor. He also worked first as technical supervisor and then construction project manager for Sinopec, a Chinese national oil company.

Tu has more than two decades of solid experience in the energy and environmental fields in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. His research interests cover the full spectrum of energy issues including fossil fuel value chains, energy transitions, energy sector reforms as well as climate change, with a focus on U.S.-China relations and its implications for bilateral energy trade and China’s energy & environmental policies.

Tu obtained a master of resource & environmental management from Simon Fraser University in Canada, and a bachelor of chemical & mechanical engineering from Zhejiang University in China.



涂建军先生是哥伦比亚大学全球能源政策中心研究员。 2018年9月之前,他是国际能源署(IEA)中国合作部主任(常驻巴黎),并全面负责IEA的中国事务以及IEA中国联络办公室(北京)的管理工作。在加入IEA前,涂建军曾任卡内基国际和平基金会中国能源与气候项目主任。

在此之前,他是加拿大温哥华知名能源与气候政策咨询公司M.K. Jaccard and Associates的合伙人。另外,他还曾经担任中国最大液化气进口及销售公司华安液化石油气的海上作业主任,以及中国石化的技术员及施工项目经理。