2018 News Items

September 2018

CGEP has launched a major new research initiative to study the public policy, financial and economic aspects of carbon management.

July 2018

Columbia University Research Series: Carbon Taxes Would Drive GHG Emissions Reductions with Minimal Impact on U.S. Economy, Oil and Gas Production

June 2018

Philippe Benoit, former Energy Environment Division Head at the International Energy Agency and World Bank Energy Sector Manager, Joins Center on Global Energy Policy 

April 2018

Former White House Special Assistant for International Energy and Environment, George David Banks, Joins Center on Global Energy Policy

January 2018

The Center on Global Energy Policy is pursuing a Carbon Tax Research Initiative to explore key questions and implications related to the design and implementation of a carbon tax in the United States. Over the course of 2018 and beyond, the...

2017 News Items

December 2017

Center on Global Energy Policy Welcomes Marianne Kah, Former Chief Economist at ConocoPhillips, as Adjunct Senior Research Scholar.

Economist Noah Kaufman Joins Center on Global Energy Policy as Research Scholar.

The Center on Global Energy Policy announces the call for applications for its second annual Energy Journalism Initiative seminar.

CGEP launches a new Columbia University Press book, The Art of Sanctions: A View From the Field, by Senior Research Scholar Richard Nephew.

Katherine Spector, Leading Energy Market Analyst, Joins Center on Global Energy Policy as a Research Scholar.