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2013 News Items

April 2013

More than a year after the United States and Mexico signed a much-lauded deal that would remove obstacles to expanding deepwater drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, the agreement still has not been finalized by the United States.

Discussions about energy issues tend to be “skewed toward the extremes,” said Bloomberg, and we need discussions that transcend political ideologies and don’t pander.

The boom in domestic oil and gas production has strengthened the hand of the United States in global affairs and is having a profound impact on U.S. security and foreign policy, President Barack Obama's national security adviser said on Wednesday.

March 2013

The theory was straightforward and seemed to hold with common sense: One day soon, the Earth would hit its halfway point of global oil production -- its "peak" -- and thereafter, it would see a steady decline. Those behind the concept called it "peak oil."

Following Tuesday's death of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela faces near-term political uncertainty that could bring further turmoil to its oil industry.

Prices of renewable fuel credits, needed by refiners to comply with the nation's Renewable Fuel Standard, have skyrocketed over the past few months, an indication to some that the dreaded "blend wall" is close.

February 2013

Jason Bordoff's swan song as a senior energy aide to President Obama came right before last year's election, when he found himself stuck on the Upper West Side of Manhattan during the worst of Superstorm Sandy.