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CGEP Scholar Richard outlines the three main things to look out for with respect to U.S. sanctions on Russia as we approach the swearing in of a new Congress.

How Iran, US allies, and US competitors react to the stresses brought about by Trump’s decision will have far-reaching impacts for geopolitics, global energy markets and security, and financial markets. This brief outlines five guideposts to watch out for over the next year as the situation between Washington and Tehran inevitably heats up.

Writing in the Financial Times, Jason Bordoff and Antoine Halff argue that the Trump Administration’s intervention on proposed shipping regulations may unfairly punish American shippers preparing for sulphur cap.


Columbia Energy Exchange

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Dr. Tatiana Mitrova
Director of the SKOLKOVO Energy Centre in Moscow

Host Jason Bordoff sat down with Dr. Tatiana Mitrova to discuss Russia's oil and gas sector.

Dr. Marcia McNutt
President of the National Academy of Sciences

Host Bill Loveless is joined by Dr. Marcia McNutt, the president of the National Academy of Sciences. 

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe
Atmospheric Scientist, Professor of Political Science, and Director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University

Host Jason Bordoff sits down with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe from Texas Tech University to discuss how to understand and talk about climate change.