Mexico has launched an ambitious transformation process that will bring to an end long- standing and entrenched state monopolies in its energy sector. The constitutional amendments of December 20, 2013 establish new industry structures in oil, natural gas, and electricity that will allow for competition in Mexico’s refined product and electricity markets, and for private investment throughout the energy sector, including the nation’s vast oil and natural gas upstream. This paper, authored by Adrian Lajous, former CEO of Pemex, examines the impact of Mexico’s recent energy sector reforms on Mexico’s upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas sectors, as well as the electricity sector, while identifying the policy, institutional, and structural challenges that stand in the way of the reform process.


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I. Background

II. Reform Drivers

III. The State of the Mexican Energy Sector

IV. Upstream Reform

V. Midstream Reform

VI. Electricity Reform

VII. Downstream Competition

VIII. Key Challenges Moving Forward

IX. Conclusion

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