Carbon Tax Initiative

CGEP has launched an initiative to explore key questions and implications related to the design and implementation of a carbon tax in the United States.

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Featured Research

In the third edition of their annual Changing Global Gas Order series, authors Akos Losz, Tim Boersma and Tatiana Mitrova offer their perspective of the trends and developments that emerged in the global natural gas market in 2018. 

Based on his research at the Center on Global Energy Policy, Ron Minsk explains in The Hill why a carbon tax can compliment proposed Green New Deal policies.

In a new article via Democracy, Jason Bordoff gives meaning to the ambition of the Green New Deal in six key elements.


Columbia Energy Exchange

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María Fernanda Suárez
Minister of Mines and Energy, Colombia

On this edition of Columbia Energy Exchange, host Jason Bordoff is joined by María Fernanda Suárez, Minister of Mines and Energy in Colombia, where she manages the country's efforts to boost oil production, promote sustainability, and diversify...

Rep. Paul Tonko
Chair, House Subcommittee on Environment and Climate Change

Climate change is gaining attention fast in Congress as the Green New Deal makes waves. It’s a top priority for Democrats, although they may differ over the exact approach for curbing carbon emissions. And even among Republicans there seems to be...

Iain Conn
Chief Executive, Centrica

On this special edition of Columbia Energy Exchange, host Jason Bordoff is joined by Iain Conn, Chief Executive of Centrica.