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Photo of wind turbine

A new fact sheet that outlines the challenges and opportunities associated with the global energy transition.

Climate Change

In an article for Frontiers in Climate, Dr. Julio Friedmann examines the distinct roles of technical experts, financiers, and government officials in advancing carbon dioxide removal projects.

Prospects for Global Truck Electrification and Autonomy and New Delivery Models

CGEP scholar Marianne Kah shares key insights from a workshop that explored prospects for global truck electrification, automation & the development of new urban delivery models - and their potential energy impacts.


Columbia Energy Exchange

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Dr. Christof Rühl
Energy Expert and Economist

Host Jason Bordoff is joined by Dr. Christof Rühl, an internationally renowned economist specializing in macroeconomics and energy economics.

Russell Gold
Senior Energy Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

In this episode of Columbia Energy Exchange, host Jason Bordoff is joined by the award-winning investigative reporter for energy at The Wall Street Journal, Russell Gold.

Spencer Dale
Chief Economist, BP

For the past 68 years, BP has published its Annual Statistical Review of World Energy, an impressive collection of global energy data that offers a retrospective view of what has happened in the world of energy production, consumption, trade, and...