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David Sandalow, Dr. Julio Friedmann, Colin McCormick and Sean McCoy

CGEP Scholars David Sandalow and Dr. Julio Friedmann explore the potential for direct air capture of carbon dioxide to contribute to climate mitigation and provide feedstock for commercial processes.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Jason Bordoff argues that, given the urgency of the threat, grid cybersecurity must be treated as the critical national security issue that it is, and must not be politicized in the polarizing climate debate.

Writing in The Hill, Dr. Julio Friedmann writes that being serious about climate means being serious about carbon management. 


Columbia Energy Exchange

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Andy Ott
President and CEO of PJM Interconnection

Host Bill Loveless sits down with Andy Ott, President and CEO of PJM Interconnection, the largest power grid in North America.

Maria Korsnick
President and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute

Host Bill Loveless sits down with Maria Korsnick, the president and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute, to discuss the outlook for nuclear energy in the U.S.

Dr. Pratima Rangarajan
CEO of OGCI Climate Investments

Host Jason Bordoff talks with Dr. Pratima Rangarajan, CEO of OGCI Climate Investments, about lowering the carbon footprints of the energy and industrial sectors.