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Potential Texas-OPEC Alliance Shows More Oil Production Doesn’t Make U.S. ‘Energy Independent’

In a new post for the State of the Planet blog, David Sandalow explores whether Texas will join hands with OPEC.

In the past decade, US oil and gas companies have become so successful in finding and getting oil out of the ground that they have started burning billions of dollars worth of gas each year. When a company produces oil,...

In an op-ed in Reuters, Jason Bordoff examines oil and gas company commitments on climate change, including the February announcement by BP.


Columbia Energy Exchange

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Ethan Zindler & Lisa Jacobson
Head of Americas at BNEF & President of the Business Council on Sustainable Energy

America’s preferences for energy have changed substantially over the past decade, with natural gas, renewable energy and energy efficiency all recording big gains. Now, a new report from BloombergNEF (BNEF) and the Business Council for...

Maarten Wetselaar
Director of Integrated Gas & New Energies, Member of the Executive Committee of Royal Dutch Shell

Host Jason Bordoff is joined by Shell's Maarten Wetselaar to discuss the role of oil and gas in the energy transition.

Bob Dudley
Chief Executive, BP

The past decade has been a turbulent one for the London-based oil and gas major BP, from the serious Deepwater Horizon accident that brought the company to the brink, to navigating its troubled relations with Russia and the oil price...