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Vessel in the Strait of Hormuz
Ilan Goldenberg, Jessica Schwed and Kaleigh Thomas

As tensions rise in the Strait of Hormuz, Ilan Goldenberg, Jessica Schwed, and Kaleigh Thomas examine three scenarios for military conflict between Iran and the United States and assess the potential impacts on global oil prices—as one specific representation of the immediate economic impact of conflict—as well as broader strategic implications.

Some regard Latin America as the world’s new oil frontier, and think that the region could potentially add three million barrels per day to global output during the next decade. Mauricio Cárdenas explains that although Brazil is well placed to ramp up production, Mexico and Venezuela seem unlikely to reverse declining production anytime soon.

Daniel Raimi, Ron Minsk, Jake Higdon and Alan Krupnick

Daniel Raimi, Ronald Minsk, Jake Higdon and Alan Krupnick explore whether the federal government can and should intervene to reduce the challenges associated with economic volatility and offer recommendations for intervention.


Columbia Energy Exchange

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Loren Steffy

Host Bill Loveless talks with Loren Steffy, author of a new book about George P. Mitchell.

Bobby Tudor

The U.S. shale revolution has been among the most consequential developments in the global energy sector over the last decade. The U.S. is a large net exporter of gas, and is on the cusp of becoming a net exporter of oil, with significant...

Spencer Dale
Chief Economist, BP

For the past 68 years, BP has published its Annual Statistical Review of World Energy, an impressive collection of global energy data that offers a retrospective view of what has happened in the world of energy production, consumption, trade, and...