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Dr. Mauricio Cárdenas, Juan José Guzmán Ayala and Dr. J. Nicolas Hernandez-Aguilera

In a new commentary, CGEP Visiting Senior Research Scholar Dr. Mauricio Cárdenas, Juan José Guzmán Ayala, and Dr. J. Nicolas Hernandez-Aguilera examine options to boost ESG finance in a post-Covid-19 world. 

In an op-ed for State of the Planet, CGEP Senior Research Scholar Dr. Melissa C. Lott argues that in order to solve our current public health emergency in which dirty fuels are causing 90% of children to breathe dangerous air, we must speed up the transition to cleaner sources of energy dramatically.

Heat pump
Dr. Noah Kaufman, David Sandalow, Clotilde Rossi di Schio and Jake Higdon

In a new report, Noah Kaufman, David Sandalow, Clotilde Rossi di Schio and Jake Higdon examine the opportunities and challenges of decarbonizing space heating with air source heat pumps.


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Congresswoman Kathy Castor
Chair, House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis

Host Bill Loveless is joined by the chair of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, Rep. Kathy Castor.

Makhtar Diop
Vice President for Infrastructure, World Bank

Host Bill Loveless talks with Makhtar Diop, the vice president for infrastructure at the World Bank.

Dr. Ernest Moniz
Former U.S. Secretary of Energy

Governments around the world are consumed now with the challenge of responding effectively to the coronavirus pandemic, including providing adequate healthcare and alleviating the economic impact of the crisis. But policymakers in Washington and...